5 Ways to Turn Up the Heat in the Bedroom

Dress up for him

Nothing is more beautiful than your mate dressed up in sexy attire, kinda like the way you met him/her. I equate it to the new car smell. LoL Dressing up can take place for general purposes or with lingerie or gear in the bedroom. Either do well to heat things up!


Dirty Talk

If you are anything like me, you know about Wesley Pipes lol There is something truly sexy about your mate saying things they normally wouldn't. Dirty, nasty , or even filthy talk can occur inside or outside of the bedroom! Imagine whispering to your mate in a public place or shooting a random text while he/she is at to work. The benefits can be explosive.

Role play

You see each other every day, sometimes for years & years and even though that has a heartfelt romantic component. It will not get you the bedroom results a little fantasy can! Try pretending to be in a bar & picking each other up, or even act out your favorite fairytale. Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?


Switch Locations

There have been many references to "The bedroom" in these tips but one of the biggest tips is that "the bedroom" can be anywhere. It is imporatnt to switch things up a little. Try the shower, the car, the kitchen. The new location may bring about new results.

Use Toys

Adult toys are such an amazing way to enhance bedroom tactics. Where some males may not be comfortable with using apparatuses that resemble manhood, there are much more subtle toys and enhancements that can bring pleasure and exploration to both parties.