How to Drain a Dragon

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How to Drain a Dragon is a unique three-part virtual course, curated to empower women to cultivate stronger connections with themselves, their significant others, or the man of their dreams. Through a combination of self-reflection, communication skills, and relationship-building techniques, participants will gain valuable insights into personal growth, self-awareness, and nurturing meaningful connections. The course encourages self-discovery and fosters a healthy approach to relationships, whether it's an existing partner or a potential future one. In this 3 part workshop we will explore self-intimacy and authenticity, building connection through action and intention and of course intense intimacy through physical connection. You can expect this online series to be edgy, fun, informative and exploratory. Just in time for cuffing season, you will unlock the power in you.

Online Session 1
Stand in Your Power

Online Session 2
Connection, Intention & Manifestation

Online Session
He Trained, Now Drain.