Me'nage Alone

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Menage Alone is a self empowering online course that is intentionally curated for women seeking to explore the world of adult toys as a means of self-pleasure, self-discovery and self fulfillment. Participants will be guided through a safe and supportive environment, encouraging them to embrace their sensuality, enhance self-pleasure, and build a positive relationship with their bodies. The course aims to show and teach techniques to encourage self pleasure and desires to stimulate a powerful orgasm.  

Topics include:

  • Exploring Different Types of Adult Toys
  • Introduction to Vibrators and Clitoral Stimulators
  • Exploring Dildos and Internal Pleasure
  • Enhancing Pleasure with Other Adult Toys
  • Introducing Anal Toys and Exploration
  • Continual Self-Discovery and Evolving Desires
  • Empowerment and Embracing Pleasure Without Guilt